Monday, January 3, 2011

Going to the Dentist

Going to the dentist has always made me think about what I'm eating and drinking, at what time of day, and if it's bad or get the idea. Today was just the same, if not worse. This morning my son and I went to the dentist for a 6 month check-up, which includes the usual cleaning and poking around. Since the hygienist was out, I had the privilege of getting my teeth thoroughly cleaned by the dentist using ultra-sonicare technology (I believe that is what he called it). He noticed so much staining on my teeth I think he was actually shocked, as I was too. I'm a very thorough brusher: twice a day (sometimes more), daily flossing, and I even have a few special dentist tools of my own I play around with. I try to keep them clean, and I thought I was doing a great job since I've never had a cavity. I guess staining falls into a different category or so I'd like to think. Staining of your teeth can be caused by the common, most delicious beverages such as coffee, tea, and wine. I guess it makes sense that my daily espresso addiction that I picked up about 4 months ago falls right in timing with my first NASTY case of staining the dentist has seen from me. Can you believe the dentist asked me in a very serious tone, "Do you work in a coffee shop?" Ha! I about slipped down the dentist chair laughing. Either my teeth are ultra-sensitive to coffee stains or my addiction has gotten out of hand, though I wouldn't say a double espresso a day is out of hand.

For those of you still wondering...I don't work in a coffee shop, though I did at one point in my life prior to my espresso addiction. I guess it was there, Painted Horse Coffeehouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that I began to acquire a passion for pulling a shot. So my questions to you are:

"Do we sacrifice our daily pleasures of food or drink for a healthier body at the expense of a healthier mind?" (I know giving up my addiction might lead to a subtle case of moodiness, which would effect EVERYONE around me.)


"Do we indulge in our daily pleasure and hope that the benefits of visiting the dentist and/or doctor semi-annually outweighs the cost of our guilty pleasures?"

First, we need to define moderation. I'll let you think this one over, while I go pour a double espresso for myself.


  1. I've thought about this, too, as I love coffee in the morning. My hygienist suggested drinking coffee through a straw, but I haven't tried it. Haha--can you imagine drinking a merlot through a straw? I say, indulge... But throw some change in a jar to save up for a Zoom whitening session :)