Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picture Gallery

Over the past month I've been cooking a lot, and, yes, I've stuck to my new year's resolution and haven't bought any processed foods (besides the occasional box of whole wheat crackers for my son). In addition to not cooking with or eating processed foods at home, we also eat much less meat and fish. Once or twice a week I cook wild fish or grass-fed beef or pork. (we don't eat meat everyday since the cost for this type of meat is higher; this makes us appreciate the animal we consume more). Here are some dishes I've created over the last few weeks.

Grass-fed beef meatballs in marinara sauce

Wild halibut in sage brown butter sauce with risotto

Pasta in brown butter cheese sauce

Pasta salad with kidney beans, kale, and mushrooms

Potato soup with sauteed kale

Wild Pacific Cod fish taco with mango sauce
Fish taco from above with homemade salsa and guacamole

Wild salmon with local potatoes and swiss chard

Zucchini quiche, homemade crust